Energy Audit

Looking for the City of Austin's "Seller's Energy Audit"? Please click on the ECAD tab above. 

If you’re visiting this page then chances are that your bills are high and you're not quite sure where to start. You came to the right place. With years of experience in HVAC and energy auditing we can pinpoint exactly where your home is struggling.

We only suggest improvement measures that make financial sense. If it doesn't have a reasonable return on investment in regards to energy savings then we will not recommend it. We’re all for reducing our carbon footprint but at the end of the day our motivation is to save you money.

After your energy audit inspection you will receive our report of findings, a prioritized list of recommendations and a list of preferred contractors.

Please know that we are not a contractor interested in selling you products or additional services. You will only receive our completely unbiased expertise.

For most homes, our thermal imaging inspection is recommended. This inspection will allow us to actually see inside your walls. From the information gathered we can check the performance of your windows, find exactly where your home's air infiltration points are and identify where more insulation is needed.

This is our most cost effective inspection.

Homes less than 2,000 sq ft- $350

Homes 2,000 to 4,000 sq ft-  $450

Larger than 4,000 sq ft- Please inquire

We are fully equipped to test duct leakage, air-flows, whole house air infiltration rates, HVAC performance, pressure differentials, etc.. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive energy audit please inquire for pricing.

Please call or email to schedule your energy audit today